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tic Medizintechnik - Willkommen

Functional diagnostics, incontinence therapy,
impotence therapy and rehabilitation from a single source

tic Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

One of our prime objectives - a passionate one - is to focus on the patient. That is why we, the team at tic Medizintechnik, one of the leading medical equipment companies in Germany with a second base in Austria, are so pleased to welcome you to our website.

We offer you as a doctor and/or as a patient a comprehensive, customised concept and matching systems for dysfunctions of the pelvic floor, the bladder and intestine (faecal and urinary incontinence), as well as treatment of cerebral nerve damage (e.g. after a stroke), pain treatment and muscle development in the field of rehabilitation.

For you as a doctor we also offer highly innovative urological, urogynaecological and proctological diagnostic systems. We provide you with a customised, powerful diagnostic instrument that features maximum user-friendliness and intuitive control. Easy integration into daily work procedures and the in-house EDP system is absolutely essential.

Extensive service for you as a doctor, but also for you as a patient, in the form of continuous personal support from our nationwide network of qualified medical device consultants and customer-related product training sessions and familiarisation sessions inspire confidence and ensure our high level of market presence.

By means of ongoing research projects with international university institutes, an in-house Research & Development department and our other base in Austria we are able to create a balance between always being medically state-of-the-art, being at home in the global market, and nevertheless not neglecting close personal contact with you as a doctor, patient or distributor.